Carly Rose Sonenclar
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Carly Rose Sonenclar

You’ve probably never heard of 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar. That’s because you probably aren’t huge into Broadway, or The X Factor, or tween magazines. Or maybe you are, and you don’t need us to tell you that this little up-and-coming starlet is about to be a household name, Ed Sheersn style. Just watch this video.

Since age seven, Carly has been on Broadway, performing in shows like Le Miserables and Chloe in Wonderland, and she toured nationally as part of Little House on the Prairie The Musical. Her big break though came on the second season of The X-Factor, which she somehow didn’t win, even though she killed it.

So where does a 13-year-old eat in NYC? Close to work. We’ve never had much good to say about Times Square, but we’re also not mad at Carly Rose’s Broadway picks. We’ve had many good meals with Grandma at Osteria al Doge before a show. Also, it’s cute that she thinks she might actually meet Justin Timberlake at Southern Hospitality. That dude has seen the inside of that restaurant about as many times as we have, which is zero.

To keep up with the latest, follow Carly on Twitter and stay tuned to her website. She’s gonna have some big news to share in the near future.

Carly’s “Perfect For” Picks

Neighborhood Hang

Kodama (301 W 45th St.) – “Kodama is the neighborhood hangout for the Broadway community… if you go before shows you will see plenty of Broadway stars relaxing at the sushi bar. I don’t like sushi, but they have great teriyaki and rice too.”

Outdoor/Patio Situation

Roof Garden at the Peninsula Hotel (9882 S. Santa Monica Blvd. / Beverly Hills, CA 90212) – “There is nothing like having lunch at the beautiful rooftop pool at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. They will customize your salad however you like, and the view of Los Angeles is spectacular!”

Pre-Theater Eats

Osteria al Doge (142 W 44th St.) – “My treat for pre-theatre is Osteria al Doge. I used to go there all the time between shows on Broadway. They have the best marinara sauce and fresh vegetables – mmm!”

Quick Eats

Maoz (Various Locations, NYC) – “I do not like fast food at all, but this place is the exception. Healthy and gotta love that free salad bar!”

Sports on TV

Southern Hospitality (645 9th Ave.) – “Great barbecue, and they have a hidden area downstairs with TVs, cozy couches, etc…. And you may even spot one of the owners – Justin Timberlake!”

Free Style

350° Classic Bakeshop (30 Elm Pl. / Rye, NY 10580) – “I love to bake and EAT cupcakes, and there is nothing better in the world than the chocolate salted caramel cupcakes at this local bake shop. They don’t have them every day, so call first!”

Carly’s Twitter People

@edsheeran – Ed Sheeran

@danauerbach – Dan Auerbach

@tavitulle – Tavi Gevinson

@aboyruss – Russ Sonenclar

@misshope – Melissa Hope Chusid

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