It’s finally here.

Today you can download our free iPhone app, which we are fondly referring to as the Infatuation Application. Your best bet to find it is to visit, or to search “Immaculate Infatuation” in the app store.

As we mentioned last week, the whole point of this thing is to make it easier for you to find a restaurant and eat there. You can read reviews, browse the map for restaurants, or search by our “Perfect For” categories to find exactly the place you are looking for. There’s also a feature called the “Hit List”, designed to help you keep track of the places that you’re dying to try. Now you can stop emailing yourself every time you read about a spot you’ve been wanting to get to. Simply add a restaurant to your hit list from anywhere in the app. Here’s a quick tour.


Scroll from left to right for the twelve most recent reviews on Immaculate Infatuation. Click “Read the Review” to jump into the full write-up, exactly as you would see it on the site.


All the things you love about an Infatuation read, right in your hand. You can call a restaurant, find it on the map, or add it to your Hit List, right from the review.


The pride and joy of the Infatuation Application. Simply press a button, and we will find your current location and show you all of the restaurants that we’ve reviewed around where you currently stand. Move around the map, and the app will load restaurants wherever you choose. Restaurants that you’ve added to your hit list will show up as red pins on your screen.


Use the search function to find a specific restaurant by name, or to seek out the ideal restaurant based on as many criteria as you wish. Need a place for Late Night Eats with some Action at the Bar? Simply choose those two things by selecting “add filters”, and browse through the results. Not what you’re looking for? Select the part that says “using 2 filters” and deselect what you’ve searched by. You’re welcome.

Hit List

Answer us this. How many times have you had someone ask you, “any new restaurants I should try”, and how many times have you come up with nothing, despite the fact that you eat out three times a week. Or, how many times have you emailed yourself some list or kept a worthless tiny electronic journal in your blackberry “notes” only to have it wiped out every three months? Probably more than you’d like to admit. Here’s the new way to keep track of the places you want to try, or even just the ones you love. Simply add a restaurant to your hit list from the review page.

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